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Ed Soares Talks Chael Sonnen, Recounts Altercation At UFC Fan Expo

Despite all the junk Chael Sonnen has spewed regarding middleweight champion Anderson Silva, most of the 3-to-1 underdog’s disses have fallen on deaf Brazilian ears. However, Siva’s manager, Ed Soares, claims Sonnen took things too far during an altercation at the UFC Fan Expo this past May.

“I was walking back to the hotel and Anderson was signing autographs for I don’t know, there was maybe 15, 20 kids around and their parents, and there’s a crowd around him,” Soares told “Chael walked by completely by himself with his manager, and he says ‘go ahead, sign all those things because in a couple months nobody’s going to want your signature. Nobody’s going to want that.’

“When he said that, it’s in front of kids, it’s the first time that it kind of pissed me off.”

Soares decided to take matters into his own hands, or mouth in this case, and fire off a zinger of his own in defense of his fan-friendly client.

“So we’re walking down the hallway there and I just started laying into him and I go ‘man look at that crowd around Chael Sonnen; you got to have some security!’ because no one was around him,” Soares said. “He was just walking by himself. I’m like ‘man look at those fans going crazy for Chael’ and I could tell he got a little irritated, didn’t say anything.”

The arch rivals will collide August 7th inside the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.