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Fabricio Werdum May Not Need Surgery, May Not Want Fedor Rematch

Fabricio “Vai Cavallo” Werdum recently shocked the world by submitting pound for pound great and MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko. Immediately after the fight Werdum himself called for a rematch to prove that the win was no fluke but news surfaced later that the rematch would have to wait for Werdum to recover from an impending elbow surgery. However, Werdum may have gotten a bit ahead of himself as his manager, Richard Wilner, recently told MMAFighting that, while Werdum’s elbow is injured, no doctor has suggested the fighter receive surgery.

“Dr. Fabricio Werdum is the one who said he needs surgery,” said Wilner. “But he hasn’t yet been evaluated by a doctor. We have an appointment scheduled for next week, so we are still waiting to hear what the doctors have to say. If surgery is in fact necessary, it would be a very minor thing. It’s not a traumatic injury.”

Wilner went on to explain that the injury has been a persisting one and is a result of the repeated movements often associated with MMA and other combat sports training.

“It happens to boxers a lot from repetitive motion,” he said. “He’s had it for a long time. He’s just put off dealing with it for a while because he was training for fights.”

Wilner also told MMAFighting that Werdum’s call for an immediate rematch with Emelianenko was likely a call made with judgement clouded by the excitement of such a big win and may not be what the Brazilian submission specialist wants after all.

“That was with the emotions of the fight running high,” Wilner said. “Once emotions subside and rationale thought prevails, Fabricio understands there’s no upside to a rematch with Fedor unless M-1 puts a significant amount of money on the table. We have no rematch clause in our contract with Strikeforce.”

Strikeforce had put together the Werdum-Emelianenko fight most likely in hopes that Fedor would win and would secure a title shot against Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem and that that fight would be the promotion’s first foray into the pay-per-view market. Now, since Fedor has lost, Overeem has voiced interest in fighting Werdum and even guaranteed in an interview with MMAFighting that he would surely defeat the man who handed him a kimura submission loss back in 2006 at PRIDE Total Elimination Absolute. Wilner scoffed at the idea that Overeem would defeat Werdum and hinted that, if they meet again, the result will likely be the same as their first encounter.

“He guarantees he’ll win, just like the last time Fabricio kicked his ass,” said Wilner.

With Werdum out for an undisclosed amount of time, Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has indicated that he is interested in promoting an Emelianenko-Overeem bout (with or without the title on the line) regardless of the fact that Emelianenko recently lost. Coker also mentioned that he is not currently interested in a Werdum-Emelianenko rematch and, perhaps because of all of the confusion currently present in Strikeforce’s heavyweight division, Wilner said that he and his client are open to just about anything Strikeforce has in mind provided that it maintain a certain amount of rationale.

“While we’re open to the possibility of fighting Fedor again, whatever opportunity that Strikeforce puts in front of us, as long as it makes sense, we’ll consider it,” Wilner said.