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Chael Sonnen On Anderson Silva: “Let’s Get Rid Of This Guy”

In the latest UFC-released hype video for UFC 117, Chael Sonnen does what everyone has come to expect from him and lays on the trash talk with a rarely seen thickness. Sonnen reiterates many of the points he has previously made about his upcoming opponent, Anderson Silva, talks himself up, makes a few dubious claims, and, as always, keeps everyone entertained.

“I’m here of my own free will,” Sonnen said. “I’m here because I want to be. I’m here because I beat up everybody that got in my way. I beat every champion there has ever been except one and I’ve stuck my finger in his chest for four years and he wouldn’t fight me. He fought a one-legged Canadian, he fought a math teacher from Ohio, and he fought a bunch of guys that weren’t even good enough to hold their spot in the company. He fought everybody in the world that wasn’t named Chael Sonnen. Well, he does have to take that fight. His running is done, his fifteen minutes of fame are up and I’m gonna bring it to an abrupt halt.”

Sonnen does not go so far as to claim himself the winner of a fight that has yet to happen, but he does explain that he is willing to do everything within his power to come out of the fight as the victor.

“I don’t know that I’m gonna win the fight I just know that I can win the fight,” he said. “If I knew I could beat him I wouldn’t take the fight. I don’t know but that keeps me up at night. I believe in my preparation, I believe in my coaches. I’ll put my skills against his skills and the better man will win.”

In addition to the myriad facets of Silva’s personality that Sonnen has take issue with, the Oregonian has also decided to turn this fight into a grudge match by vowing to pay Silva back for hurting some of his friends, a vow that he believes much of the MMA community supports him on.

“You’ve gotta understand Anderson Silva’s hurt a lot of people,” Sonnen said. “A couple of those guys were my friends and I don’t have a lot of friends and that bothers me a lot. It’s a payback thing, absolutely.

“Let’s get rid of this guy. Anderson Silva’s really the nuisance, he’s truly the problem. We’ve all had it with him, there’s one guy that wants to fight him and there’s one guy with the skills to beat him.”

Sonnen will get the chance to make good on his vow this August 7th at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. They will be joined on the main card by top welterweight contenders Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves who will be fighting in a rematch, fan-favorite lightweight Clay Guida who will be looking to stay on the winning track against Rafael Dos Anjos, Ricardo Almeida, who will be looking to avenge his trainer Renzo Gracie against all-time welterweight great Matt Hughes and top UFC heavyweight contenders Roy Nelson and Junior Dos Santos.