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Scott Coker Says Batista Vs. Bobby Lashley Would Be A Pay-Per-View Affair

Although former WWE star Dave Batista has yet to officially sign with Strikeforce, Strikeforce CEL Scott Coker is already mulling over the possibility of a match-up between the many-time WWE champion and another WWE superstar-turned-fighter, Bobby Lashley.

“We don’t have Batitsta signed yet – but wouldn’t that be a fun fight to watch?” Coker recently asked about a potential Batista – Lashley fight.

While the bout sounds like a freakshow that would be more suited for an organization that’s not the second largest stateside MMA promotion, Coker defended the match-up.

“I believe we put on some great matchups for the hardcore fans and the casual fans in general. When you tune in to a Strikeforce fight, you know you’re going to see five big fights like you will here at the Toyota Centre,” he explained.

“But every once in awhile, when you get a chance to throw in a fight like this one that’s just fun to watch? Why not?”

When asked if the bout would be a pay-per-view attraction, Coker answered, “absolutely.”

It would be interesting to see if such a bout would be able to get sanctioned. While Lashley is a former pro wrestling star, he entered into MMA on the strength of his athleticism and well-documented amateur wrestling experience. Batista has no such experience, is 41-years old and even his pro-wrestling career was marred by steroid allegations. Certainly competitive men like Herschel Walker and Batista deserve their chance to prove themselves worthy of mixed martial arts competition but pushing them onto one of the largest stateside MMA promotions in their respective first outings will not do much for the legitimacy of the sport.

You can watch the full interview with Coker below:

Thanks to Mark Wayne for contributing to this article.