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Georges St. Pierre Would Consider Retirement If He Beat Anderson Silva

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges “Rush” St. Pierre is considered by many to be one of the best pound for pound mixed martial artists in the world but there is one man whose name often appears higher than the French-Canadian’s on those pound for pound list and that is of UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. There have long been tantalizing rumors bandied about of a super-fight between St. Pierre and Silva taking place in the UFC and St. Pierre recently told MMAJunkie Radio that, were that fight to take place and were he to net a victory in that fight, he would have reached his lifetime goals in MMA competition and would likely retire from the sport.

“Growing up in my career, I always fix my goals very high,” said St. Pierre. “And every time I achieve one of my [goals], I fix another goal to reach. It’s important as a martial artist [never to be] satisfied because otherwise there is no point to keep doing what you’re doing.”

St. Pierre and Silva have come close to fighting before but that match was derailed after Silva’s polarizing performance against Demian Maia at UFC 112 this past April. Since then, UFC President Dana White has re-expressed interest in the matchup and thereby seemingly increased the chances of that fight actually occurring. St. Pierre had previously expressed hesitance in moving up to middleweight since it would likely be a permanent move and due to the fact that he trains closely with several UFC middleweights but told MMAJunkie that he is open to the move and would only make it towards the end of his career when the implications of a permanent move up in weight would not be so lasting.

“If I go up in weight, it’s going to be hard to go down,” he said. “If I put on lean muscle like I already did recently … it’s going to be hard to come back down. So it’s not like I go up and I go down. I have to be very careful with what I do.”

Should the stars align and should we be granted the serious privilege of seeing two of the worlds very best fighters compete against one another as champions in their prime, St. Pierre says that (assuming he wins) he will have reached the pinnacle of competition and will hang up his gloves on a high note.

“If one day I fight at 185 pounds for a superfight to know who is the best pound-for-pound in the world, (and) if I reach my goal, then my goal will be reached,” St-Pierre said. “There will be no point for me to still compete because I’m not going to have a goal left.”