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Chael Sonnen Continues To Bash Anderson Silva & Team Black House

Although Chael Sonnen will have his hands fully trying to tame middleweight king Anderson Silva at UFC 117, that hasn’t stopped the outspoken challenger from bashing the Brazilian and his amigos.

Here is Sonnen’s latest rant to regarding practically every athlete under the Team Black House banner:

“You [Nogueira] are one sharp dude … about as sharp as a bag of wet mice. Do yourself a favor, won’t you? Have your mouthpiece permanently installed in your mouth so you can’t speak at all. Have them feed you with a tube like a coma patient. You’re not doing Anderson any good, and you’re sinking your own ship, too. You say I’m not qualified to fight Anderson … which means that the UFC brain trust, that thinks I am, and who also are your bosses, are idiots.

And that Ed Soares, Anderson’s manager, and your manager too, doesn’t know what he’s doing. Smooth, guy. Very smooth … If you lose a few (you looked like Roy Nelson in a Frankenstein mask for that Brilz fight, which you lost, buddyboy), we can scrap in the fall.”