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Shane Carwin: Lactic Acidosis Caused Body To Lock Up Against Lesnar

Former Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion and top heavyweight contender Shane Carwin is fresh on the heels of his first and only loss as a professional mixed martial artist; Carwin challenged UFC Heavyweight Champ Brock Lesnar for the unified strap on July 3rd at UFC 116 and succumbed to a second round arm triangle submission after battering the champion thoroughly during the first round. Carwin was felled largely due to the fact that his body, as he describes it, “locked up” between the first and second round and even though his cardiovascular conditioning was holding up, his muscles were failing him. The sensation was so alien to Carwin that he has been visiting doctors to see if they can pinpoint exactly what happened to him; as of last week Carwin found his answers and shared them with his fans through his Twitter account.

“What happened to me July 3rd is called ‘Lactic Acidosis‘. It was brought on by a few things and mainly not breathing while exerting energy,” Carwin posted.

Lactic acidosis is a condition brought on by low pH levels in the blood and body tissue which, as Carwin pointed out, is usually caused by a lack of oxygen being incorporated into the blood and body tissue. A lack of cellular respiration causes the level of pH present in the body tissue to drop which in turn forces the cells to operate differently and produce lactic acid as a by-product. So, if Carwin got too excited pounding away at Lesnar in the first round to remember to breath (which is fairly common in a tense and exerting situation) lactic acidosis certainly could have set in and is a completely viable explanation for Carwin’s complete ineffectiveness in the second round. Despite the legitimacy of his claim, Carwin went out of his way to ensure his fans that he is not making excuses for his loss.

“Let me be clear, Brock won the fight, no issues with that. He earned the right to be the champion. Just passing on the info as it comes 2 me,” he wrote.

Far from allowing the loss to break him down, Carwin posted lastly that he is “standing at the base of the mountain and looking forward to the climb back up. I tasted greatness and I’m in pursuit of it once again.”

No word yet on when or against whom Carwin will make his return but other than a slightly inflamed windpipe courtesy Brock Lesnar the heavyweight bruiser seems to be mostly uninjured; a quick turnaround does not seem to be out of the question for the man who, until a week ago, had never been in a fight that went out of the first round.