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Lyoto Machida Looking To Retire At 35

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Lyoto Machida is considering retirement at the age of 35. His father hopes for one a lot earlier.

“I already said that he should not fight anymore, but I didn’t say it to him,” Yoshizo Machida told “I have expressed this desire just to my wife and his brothers.”

Although Sr. Machida ignited “The Dragon’s” competitive fire at an early age, he believes that 32 is the ideal number to call it quits. Junior does not concur.

“He doesn’t want to retire and says he still has many challenges,” said Yoshizo. “According to [Lyoto], 35 is a good age to stop.

“I think that up to 35 is still possible, but after that it starts getting tricky. With my experience as an athlete, I think that the efficiency will not be the same after that.”

“As a parent, I think he just realized his dream – that was to become the world champion – and it would be good for him to stop. On the other hand, after being defeated, it becomes more challenging and he wants to prove himself even more,” Machida-san stated.

No word on when Machida will return to put his 16-1 record on the line.