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Dana White Thinks His Heavyweight Champ Is Getting Better

Brock Lesnar now has six professional fights under his championship belt. Following his victory over Shane Carwin at UFC 116, it appears the 32-year-old is only getting started.

“He’s tougher than we thought he was. He’s definitely tougher than we thought he was,” UFC president Dana White told “The guy continues to grow as a mixed martial artist. He doesn’t have the greatest stand up you’ll ever see. He pulled off his first submission tonight.

“He’s a wrestler who’s evolving and learning different things.”

Actually, he subbed Min Soo Kim with strikes in his MMA debut, but Dana’s point was made nonetheless. Although, it was Lesnar’s emphatic statement inside the cage on Saturday night that has everyone buzzing.

Since being humbled by Frank Mir in his first Octagon outing, the former WWE superstar has morphed into the planet’s most dominant heavyweight today. You still reading, Fedor?

“He’s healed up from the illness that he had, now it’s a matter of growing,” White said of Lesnar’s untapped potential. “Every fight that he has and every training camp he’s going to learn more and more.”