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UFC 116: Chris Leben Vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

The following is from our live coverage of UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin. To access our full coverage, check the main page.

Leben walks out to “Love Rollercoaster” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, looks pretty amped up in the process. Akiyama walks out to Ave Maria and has his whole team bow with him before they enter the main arena, he looks very relaxed. Mike Goldberg says that Akiyama “wants to be the man that rules his country.” Another curious statement made by Goldie. Herb Dean is reffing this bout.

Round 1: Akiyama immediately catches Leben’s kick and takes him down. They are back to their feet almost immediately. The crowd is behind Leben for now, chanting his name. They are trading kicks. Leben with a nice counter left hand. Leben takes a low blow and they halt the action. Akiyama apologizes and they start trading right away. Akiyama with a nice right. Akiyama with a Judo throw as Leben moves forward. Leben sets up a high guard and looks for an armbar but Akiyama gets out easily. Leben not giving up on the armbar attempt though. They scramble and Akiyama stays on top, basically sitting on Leben’s head and looking for an armbar himself. Leben rolls out but Akiyama is still on top, in Leben’s half guard. Leben gets back to his feet and they grapple against the cage. Leben lands a left and a right and Akiyama lands a nice trip at the bell. scores the round 10-9 for Akiyama.

Round 2: Leben tries for a head kick and slips. Akiyama lands a nice right. Akiyama looks to have slowed a bit. Akiyama lands a spinning back fist. Leben wobbles Akiyama a bit but he stays in front of him. Leben is landing effective punches now but Akiyama comes right back landing solid blows to Leben’s chin. Akiyama showing that he is not afraid to brawl with Leben and he’s not doing a half-bad job doing it. Akiyama throws Leben to the ground again. Leben breathing heavily but he manages to get back to his feet after some time on the ground. Leben is bloodied up. Leben looking for a front choke but Akiyama breaks out of it. Leben with a kick and Akiyama with a solid right. Both men look exhausted. Leben landing some big punches but Akiyama will not go down. scores the round 10-9 for Akiyama.

Akiyama is so tired that he falls off of his stool in his corner.

Round 3: Both men show each other respect at the start of the round and go right back at it. Akiyama is exhausted, his hands are low but he is staying right in the pocket. Leben lands a head kick that is barely blocked. Akiyama catches a kick, lands a punch and takes Leben down all at once. Akiyama goes for the can opener from the guard as Leben throws double punches off of his back. Leben looking for an armbar off of his back. It looked tight for a moment but Akiyama shook him off and landed in Leben’s half guard, now full mount. Leben trying to fight it off but cannot. Akiyama back to half guard. Leben establishes full guard and goes back to throwing double punches and elbow from his back. Akiyama with a few left hands from inside Leben’s guard. Leben goes for the triangle and starts punching Akiyama repeatedly. Akiyama taps with seconds to go.

Chris Leben defeated Yoshihiro Akiyama via Submission (triangle) at 4:43 of Round 3.

Leben calls out Wanderlei Silva before Buffer even reads the verdict and again when he talks to Rogan.