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Brock Lesnar Talks Training Camp

With the biggest UFC heavyweight championship bout in history only two days away, current champ Brock Lesnar gave some insight into how he prepared for his impending brawl with Shane Carwin.

“[Carwin’s] a heavy-handed fighter,” Lesnar said Wednesday while appearing on The Jim Rome Show.

Lesnar also spoke to Rome about the ease of recruiting fighters to emulate Carwin’s game, while giving his opinion on how his opponent may have had trouble preparing for him.

“It wasn’t hard for me to find guys like Shane Carwin, what is hard to find is guys like Brock Lesnar – and that’s hard to train for,” Lesnar boasted.

Besides gaining a new perspective and lease on life, Lesnar also has a new attitude when it comes to training.

“I could just sit back and say ‘you know what, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.’ I’m in a great position. I’m very fortunate that I can even fight and I just don’t take anything for granted,” Lesnar continued.

After escaping a life/career-threatening bout of diverticulitis, Lesnar got immediately back to work after getting the green light from doctors.

“I sat in my hospital bed and I wondered to myself, ‘Is this how it really is all gonna end?’ If I want this to end, I want it to end on my terms and I want it to be my way of going out,” said Lesnar. “Well, I’m not ready to go out. I’m not ready to not be the UFC heavyweight champion and I don’t think that Shane Carwin is the guy to take that away from me.”