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Brock Lesnar Goes Southpaw

Although his days as a WWE superstar have long been in his rear-view mirror, it appears Brock Lesnar will be looking to turn back the hands of time on Saturday. For you fans expecting a shootout against Shane Carwin at UFC 116, the champ was boasting of a rejuvenated ground attack during the media work out.

While Lesnar will never be accused of having a gift of the gab, the controversial heavyweight will be sporting a new jab inside the MGM Grand Garden Area in Las Vegas. Although, it was not by design.

“I brought Peter Welch in. We changed my stance and switched from standard – from traditional – to southpaw and it’s really worked out,” Lesnar revealed to Paul Heyman. “It’s helped in my wrestling, my shooting. We changed a lot of things.”

Lesnar has dissed Carwin’s Division II All-American collegiate resume on numerous occasions, making it a point to distinguish the difference between wrestling in the big leagues and for the junior varsity squad.

“I am a Division I National Champion. Shane Carwin isn’t and I am the UFC heavyweight Champion … and Shane Carwin isn’t that, either,” Brock told ESPN Thursday morning.