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Shane Carwin Plans On Knocking Out Brock Lesnar

Top-flight UFC heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin are set to meet this weekend to challenge for the right to be called the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion. The blockbuster fight has been anticipated for some time and as it looms ever closer, the two men have heated up what started out as tame pre-fight talk. Carwin recently made an appearance on ESPN’s SportCenter to discuss the bout and offer his prediction on how the fight will end.

Lesnar and Carwin both have amateur wrestling backgrounds, although Lesnar’s is considered more impressive as he competed as a top level NCAA Division 1 heavyweight wrestler whereas Carwin competed as a NCAA Division 2 heavyweight. Regardless, Carwin is hoping that their wrestling pedigrees will not be put to the test as he is looking for a standup war Saturday night.

“I think over the years, or the course of my fighting career, the standup game has become my passion,” Carwin said. “I hope we get to stand on our feet and throw some leather.”

Carwin is most noted for not having any of his twelve fights making it past the first round; an impressive stat but one that raises the question of how his cardiovascular conditioning will hold up to a five round title fight. That is a question that Carwin is not afraid to answer.

“I’m not concerned at all,” Carwin said of his cardio. “We’ve got a great training camp, we train at a high altitude and my coaches have prepared me for a five round war.”

Carwin’s opponent, true UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, will be entering their bout after a year-long layoff due to a bout with the intestinal disease diverticulitis. When asked if he thought the layoff would hurt Lesnar, Carwin replied that he actually thinks it has been a blessing.

“I think it will help Brock. I think he’s going to come back 100 percent and he’s gonna have time to have trained for me and I’m just excited to get in there,” he said. “You’re looking at the top two heavyweights in the world and we’re both at the top of our game right now and we’re meeting this Saturday. That’s exciting for everybody.”

Most of the derogatory comments made on Lesnar’s end deal with the fact that Carwin’s Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship title is a “fake” belt and that Carwin is far from being the true champion; a sentiment with which Carwin does not completely disagree.

“He’s got the real belt and I’m coming after it Saturday,” said the actively employed engineer.

As for how he thinks the fight will end Saturday night, Carwin said not unlike most of his others.

“You’re gonna see Brock Lesnar knocked out on the canvas,” he said.

Carwin and Lesnar will square off to unify the heavyweight titles this Saturday night at UFC 116 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Supporting them in the co-main event will be late-replacement Chris Leben and Japanese-Korean Judo fighter Yoshihiro Akiyama.