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Scott Coker Talks CBS And PPV

After watching Fedor Emelianenko lose this weekend, many questions were raised regarding how his last Strikeforce bout will be seen.

Scott Coker stepped in and dropped a passive-aggressive dis directed towards his MMA counterparts by boasting about the luxury his company has of being able to choose between primetime television or PPV.

“To me, [PPV and CBS] are both fantastic,” Coker told “The beauty about CBS is the UFC could do five pay-per-views, and it could be one CBS broadcast in terms of viewership. The viewership [Werdum vs. Emelianenko II] could [garner], it would do 4 or 5 or 6 million viewers.

“That fight could [garner] more eyeballs on it than probably any of the big fights CBS has had since it started.”

It’s not as box office as a Fedor vs. Overeem heavyweight title bout had been – assuming Emelianenko lived up to his 6-to-1 favorite status – but tuning in to see if he can prevent the only 0-2 skid of his illustrious career (which could certainly start to drum up questions regarding the soon-to-be 34-year-old’s future) is a good enough reason for most to watch, free and hopefully otherwise.

While M-1 Global (and Strikeforce, and Showtime and CBS) brass were quietly – if not blatantly – cringing over the fall of Fedor Emelianenko on Saturday night, the silver lining in this dark cloud is the fact Strikeforce’s heavyweight division just got at least one fighter deeper.

“I’m just excited about our heavyweight division now,” an optimistic Coker told “How many great heavyweight fights do we have on the table?

“When I think about the heavyweight division now for Strikeforce … with the loss of Fedor and the victory of Fabricio Werdum – with (Sergei) Kharitonov coming into the mix, with Alistair coming in as our champion – I think Strikeforce has some great heavyweight fights that we can look forward to putting on Showtime and CBS.”

He may have added Werdum as a contender, but Fedor may be out the door if they can’t come to terms after his next bout for Strikeforce.