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Despite Fedor Loss, Strikeforce Still Wants Pay-Per-View

Despite Fedor Emelianenko’s shocking upset loss to Fabricio Werdum on Saturday night, it still appears to be go time for Strikeforce’s first pay-per-view event. Although no official confirmation was made, Fedor vs. Werdum could certainly headline the company’s first PPV show.

“I think more people are going to want to see the rematch,” Coker told of the attention a mulligan would garner. “That’s how I feel. [Emelianenko] is going to come back, and I wouldn’t want to be the one to fight him in a rematch. You’re going to see him come out with a vengeance.

“That should be a pay-per-view fight. “[Werdum vs. Emelianenko II] is a fight fans are going to want to see. He dethroned the king.”

No word on when the Fedor is expected back in action.