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Strikeforce: Jan Finney Vs. “Cyborg” Santos

Finney lands a nice right and appears to have upset Cyborg. The champ has her clinched against the cage and lands some knees to the thigh.

Cybog lands some bombs in the center of the cage and connects with a sick Muay Thai knee to the grill that drops Finney.

Finney survives and fights on. Cyborg lands some more power shots against the cage and drops Finney again. Finney will not quit.

Cyborg putting on a striking exhibition as she drops Finney again. Cyborg lands some knees to the body and is destroying Finney.

Ref takes point away from Cyborg for hitting to the back of the head. She warned Cyborg multiple times before stopping the bout to deduct.

Cyborg picks up where she left off and lands countless shots to the grill. Finney will not quit despite the barrage.

Cyborg stands over her and is waiting for ref to stop it. Finney is hanging in on though. Fans start booing, perhaps want fight stopped.

To say it’s one-sided would be an understatement. Ref needs to watch Finney carefully in the 2ndRound. 9-8 Cyborg due to point deduction.

Finney lands another nice right to start a round. Cyborg is pissed again and starts pounding away. Crowd is booing because Finney …

drops to the ground to protect herself. Finney is game, but Cyborg is killing her with vicious power shots to the face.

Cyborg drops her with a knee and drops a few shots before the fight is stopped. Cyborg easily defends her crown.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos Defeated Jan Finney via KO at 2:56 in the 2ndRound (Cyborg retains Strikeforce Women’s Middleweight Title)