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Brock Lesnar “Feels Sorry” For Shane Carwin

UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has been infinitely more respectful towards his upcoming opponent Shane Carwin than he ever was to his rival Frank Mir but he still has a few choice words reserved for the Interim UFC Heavyweight Champion as he displayed in a recently released hype video for their impending UFC 116 scrap.

“I scrambled Frank’s eggs six months ago and for [Carwin] to stand there and hold a fake title, I found rather amusing and for him to get up and give his acceptance speech and ‘it was the greatest day of his life’ but yet I looked up there and thought, if that’s the greatest day of your life, boy, I feel sorry for you,” said Lesnar.

Much has been made of the fact that Lesnar will finally be fighting a man in Carwin who is close to his same size but the mammoth former NCAA Division-1 wrestler scoffs at the notion that he and Carwin are even close to sharing the same physical abilities. He also has something to say to any fellow heavyweights who would be inclined to complain about his size advantage.

“When people say there’s this sense of equality between me and Shane Carwin–we’re two different specimens,” said Lesnar. “I would say there’s one specimen and one athlete and I’m the specimen and there’s a weekend warrior athlete. This is the heavyweight division boys, if you don’t weigh 265 pounds that’s your own damn fault.”

Lesnar and Carwin will meet next weekend in the main event of UFC 116 which will go down at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lesnar will be coming off of a forced one year layoff due to being afflicted with the intestinal disease diverticulitis. He last competed in July of 2009 where he earned a second round TKO victory over his nemesis Frank Mir. Carwin also last competed against Mir but much more recently as they met on the UFC 111 card; Carwin knocked Mir out in the first round.