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Randy Couture Talks Training With Brock Lesnar

I think what I’m looking for out of this experience is one, just to gain some new perspectives–see how some of the other top fighters are training, what they’re doing, see what Brock’s doing. You might learn new tricks, you might learn new training things–I think it’s an important part of developing as a fighter.”

Former opponents Randy Couture and Brock Lesnar apparently hold no grudges over their UFC 91 title fight, which saw Couture give Lesnar the most trouble of his career before the former WWE pro-wrestler wobbled “The Natural” with a shot behind the ear and finished him off with punches on the ground. Now, the two men are training together at Lesnar’s DeathClutch training facility in preparation for Lesnar’s bout with Shane Carwin and “The Natural” has high praise for the man who took his heavyweight title.

“We were at ‘Fight For The Troops’ in Fort Bragg,” Couture explained. “I invited him to come train in Vegas at my facility, and he extended an invitation to come hunting or fishing or attend one of his camps. Quite awhile later we managed to get together and actually train.”

Couture believes based on his time spent training with Lesnar that the champ is doing all the right things in this training camp.

“I think that there seems to be a very clear plan in place that’s specifically designed for Brock to peak for this fight,” said Couture. “He seems to be training intelligently, he’s got good people both in his workout partners and obviously in Marty Morgan running the show.”

The MMA legend also sees similarities in the way that he and Lesnar both adapt to the different elements of mixed martial arts, something that he attributes to their shared background in wrestling.

“And so I know that Brock, as I did, applies that same wrestler’s brain and mindset to striking and to the jiu jitsu, and submissions and to all the different pieces of mixed martial arts,” said Couture.

Lesnar has had to get himself back into shape after fighting off the intestinal disease diverticulitis, a bout that almost cost him his career. Couture sounds impressed with Lesnar’s continued evolution as a fighter and, by his account, it does not seem as though Lesnar is suffering any lasting ill-effects from the disease. “The Natural” is even picking Lesnar to win his upcoming title unification bout against Shane Carwin.

“I think for Brock’s future in fighting he’s doing all the right things–I mean look at this facility,” he said. “How many athletes make that kind of commitment? To isolate themselves, bring in great trainers, great training partners and put the time and energy and work in to being a well-rounded top notch fighter. Obviously, he’s already at the top of the game so, really, the sky’s the limit. He can achieve and stay in this as long as he wants to. So, I think those are important things and have him on track to go out and do his thing when the third of July comes around.”

Lesnar and Carwin will be squaring off next weekend in the main event of UFC 116 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Couture’s next fight comes against boxing champion James Toney at UFC 118 on August 28th at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.