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Shane Carwin Talks UFC 116 Pay, Not Doing Media, Not Selling The Fight & More

Shane Carwin recently took to his blog to address recent rumors circling around the Internet that the interim heavyweight champion wasn’t pulling his weight in promoting his upcoming UFC 116 bout with Brock Lesnar. Earlier this month, Carwin wrote on his Twitter that he would not be doing any media interviews heading into the fight.

“FYI I am not doing any media this month,” he wrote. “If you have questions go to and you can post them in the forum thanks.”

This past Saturday, both Lesnar and Carwin were interviewed during The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale and Carwin looked like he’d rather be anywhere else during the segment. His demeanor left many to wonder if Carwin wasn’t interested in promoting the bout because he was only getting paid $50,000 for the bout with no pay-per-view bonuses or incentives.

“I wont lie and say I wish I was getting a piece of this PPV. Of course I want that, so does every other fighter on the card that is not,” Carwin wrote. “I love to fight but I would love to fight for millions of dollars. Who wouldn’t want to be paid millions of dollars for doing what they love (aside from that girl in Twilight)? But, I am not fighting for the money. If I was I would have checked out of this sport LONG ago. This is not the NFL and there is no league minimums. You eat what you kill and that is all. I have a great team making sure that I have plenty of game to hunt. I am not dependent upon fighting Brock to cash out. I am making more off of being a fighter than I could ever have imagined. I regularly make calls to my manager thanking him for ‘changing my families life’. I have been blessed by MMA, most of the MMA media, the fans, and even the haters and for that I am forever grateful. For those of you reporting I am only making $50,000 for this fight and that is the reason behind my limiting media, please get your facts right it is $80,000 ($40 to show and $40 to win) plus you have to factor in my generous sponsors (THANKS) and the KO and FOTN bonus that will be awarded to me on July 3rd. I would have done it for less, I love competing and testing myself.”

Carwin also addressed the criticism that he was not doing enough to sell the fight, writing, “Lets talk about me selling this fight. I earned this fight. I was “given’ my previous opportunity against Brock but this one I earned. I was asked to train for Cain and I began my camp. I was then told Cain is not the opponent I am being bumped up to Lesnar. Then I begin training for Lesnar to only have him pull out of the fight TWICE. His ‘miracle recovery’ underway I was told I am going to have to face Frank Mir to earn the opportunity to face Brock (something I had already been given and taken away now twice). So for those of you confused by the fact that I somehow am fighting Brock because I talked crap or played some hype man you are wrong. I earned this fight and this opportunity. I have never turned down a fight, I have never told Zuffa no, I have and always do a good job and for them. Those that know me know that is who and what I am all about.

“Those in the Media that want to chastise me have not even attempted to reach out through proper channels to get an interview. I never said I wasn’t doing interviews or eliminating media. I said I was not taking any direct media request. I just do not have the time to spend ‘just 15 minutes’ on the phone answering the same questions over and over. The time adds up and that time has to come from my other job, family or training. None of which are worth sacrificing more than the need to promote a fight. I have however accepted 100% of the interview request that Zuffa has presented me.”

For Carwin’s full blog, click here. Carwin faces Lesnar next Saturday at UFC 116: Lesnar vs. Carwin from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. As always, will provide live coverage of the event.