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Court McGee Talks About Winning “The Ultimate Fighter 11 Finale”

Not many people would’ve picked Court McGee to even make it into the finals of this season’s The Ultimate Fighter but just like he always has, “Crusher” defied all the odds to become a champion.

McGee took advantage of the openings that McCray provided him in the Octagon all night long with multiple takedowns and guard passes.

It didn’t take long for McGee to take advantage of his superior wrestling and grappling as he took “Savage’s” back and forced the tapout in the 2ndRound.

For those of you who don’t know McGee was clinically dead after a heroine overdose but after somehow being revived, he decided that he needed to change.

After living a life of drugs and alcohol, he finally got his life back in order and has been sober for four years and counting.

The Utah native himself questioned whether or not he should take the risk of putting himself in a position to be around alcohol in “The Ultimate Fighter” house but the decision was simple.

“I gotta remember where I came from and what it was like when I was drinking and using [drugs]. I was pretty miserable,” McGee explained. “I just questioned myself, ‘Was I coming here for the right reasons?’

“I came here for the opportunity to take care of my family.”

After the win, a very emotional McGee not only dedicated the win to his family but to his coach, Chuck Liddell.