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Ken Shamrock Tells HDNet He Took Steroids

Former UFC champion Ken Shamrock appeared today as a guest on HDNet’s Inside MMA and revealed that he took steroids during his controversial career.

Shamrock stated that it was “easy” for fighters to acquire steroids and other banned substances and noted that the fans wanted to see fighters with superhuman physiques and then not expect them to take drugs.

“When they find out about it, they want to stick their heads in the sand,” Shamrock said. “No one wants to take responsibility, but everyone wants to see [bigger athletes].”

While Shamrock’s admission isn’t a huge shock considering he tested positive for three different anabolic steroids following his win over Ross Clifton at “War Gods” in March 2009, however journeyman Dennis Hallman – who was serving as a guest on the panel – defended the legend’s abuse of the juice.

“Just like if you have a headache, you take aspirin to make yourself feel better; if you have a serious injury and you take steroids to heal you, that’s a smart thing to do,” Hallman says. “That’s what’s going to heal your body. If you’re taking steroids to make yourself a better fighter because you don’t have the skill level or something like that, then it’s a problem.”

Although positive drug test results have been relatively quiet on the MMA front of late, Hallman claims that it’s only because athletes are a few steps ahead of the system.

“In our sport right now, easy – I’m going to throw the lowest number I possibly can – it’s 50 percent of people (that) take them, if not more,” Hallman emphatically stated. “I know a ton of people in the industry, and that’s the number.”