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Frank Mir Considering Move To Light Heavyweight

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir is apparently considering undoing the months of hard work that he put in to gain weight in order to remain competitive in the heavyweight class so that he can drop down to the UFC’s light heavyweight division to try his luck against men that he feels are closer to his natural size.

After his loss to current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, Mir added some 25 pounds to his frame in order to better compete with the largest fighters in the UFC’s heavyweight division. The added bulk seemed to pay off for Mir as he absolutely floored Cheick Kongo in his next fight, for which he weighed in at 264.5 pounds (.5 pounds under the heavyweight limit, indicating that Mir cut weight to make the 265 pound division cutoff). Mir then lost decisively in the first round to another hulking heavyweight, current top contender Shane Carwin. Most assumed that Mir would get back into the cage against another heavyweight in hopes of getting back on the track to a fight with his nemesis Brock Lesnar but he told MMAFigures at the recent UFC Fan Expo that he is thinking of shaving off those extra pounds so that he can fight at light heavyweight.

“I mean, right now I have a couple months off so I’ve actually been toying with the idea of going down a weight class,” said Mir. “Since I don’t have a fight for a couple months I’ve just been watching what I eat, and seeing how my body–without trying to put size on; what my natural weight will fall at now, since I have lifted a lot lately to add size. I’m kind of curious what I think I would fall at just ’cause some of the guys I train with that are light heavyweights, bone structures are the same–I mean, sometimes I stand next to Forrest [Griffin] and I think that I’m in the wrong weight class.”

There is no doubt that Frank Mir is one of the best heavyweight fighters in the world and if he could successfully and healthily make the drop to 205 pounds the light heavyweight division certainly holds some intriguing matchups for him. However, many fighters have looked to rebound from losses by dropping weight only to be met with failure. For Mir, who has always competed as a heavyweight, bulking up the way that he did and then making the drop to light heavyweight could prove to be too taxing on his body. Whether or not that turns out to be the case remains to be seen and he could just as easily find competing at 205 pounds to be the perfect fit. Either way it will be interesting to see how Mir’s body reacts to his current experiment and also at what weight class (and against whom) he will next compete.