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Fedor Emelianenko To Run For Russian Congress, May Retire

MMA blog reported last night that a confidential and reliable source had released to them surprising information regarding Russian heavyweight great Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko’s future. Some time later, Emelianenko’s management team M-1 Global sent out a press release confirming at least half of what the confidential source told MiddleEasy.

According to the source, Emelianenko will be running for a Russian congress seat in the pro-Kremlin “United Russia” party. Fedor’s apparent desire is to represent his region in political proceedings. This is the rumor that M-1 Global confirmed with their press release, an excerpt of which is below.

“Among the most notable candidates, in addition to the deputies (Anatolia Zelikow, Victor Filatov, Vadim Cage, Valeria Skruga, Ivan Kulabuhova, Vladimir Kulikovsky) – a famous athlete Fedor Emelianenko, the new director of Belarusian State Technological University Sergey Glagolev (by the way, non-partisan), director of the Institute of Public and municipal government BSU Alexander Mamatov.”

So it would seem that Emelianenko would join former Croatian parliamentarian Mirko Filipovic and political hopeful Chael Sonnen in the pursuit of balancing a fighting career with one as a politician. That is, unless the second rumor put forth by the confidential source turns out to be true. In addition to breaking the news of Emelianenko’s political desires, the source also told MiddleEasy that “The Last Emperor” plans on retiring from Mixed Martial Arts upon the fulfilment of his current contract with Strikeforce.

There has been no additional word as of yet from Emelianenko’s representatives as to whether or not this rumor holds any water but MiddleEasy has proven to have solid sources in the past. Either way this news will spread shockwaves across the MMA community and, if determined to be true, will have many lamenting the fact that possibly the world’s greatest-ever heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist has chosen to leave the game for good.