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Urijah Faber Likely Headed To Bantamweight

Former WEC Featherweight Champion and posterboy for the organization Urijah Faber spoke with PRO MMA Radio at this past weekend’s UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the interview Faber discussed the healing progress of his leg (which was thoroughly battered by current champion Jose Aldo in April), when he expects to fight again and his probable move down to the WEC’s bantamweight division.

“It’s much better,” “The California Kid” said of his left leg. “You know, it got real big for a little bit and then it’s gotten a lot smaller; it’s been smaller than it was before the fight so [I’m] working on building some muscle back there and kind of getting a gameplan of when I’m going to fight again. Not a hundred percent sure when, but it’s gonna be fairly soon.”

Despite the severe bruising his leg sustained thanks to Aldo’s vicious leg kicks, Faber said that the injury and subsequent healing process have not kept him from staying active.

“Yeah, I’ve been doing something proactive the whole time,” said Faber. “It’s just a matter of when I’m going to be a hundred percent and it shouldn’t be too long.”

While he may not know when he will next enter the cage, the Sacramento native has a pretty solid idea in what weight class he will be competing.

“From the sound of things, it sounds like they’re gonna want me to go down to thity fives,” he said. “It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, go down and have some fights down there. So I’ll probably have a couple fights down there, maybe go back up to forty fives, we’re not real sure yet.”

Faber said that despite spending his entire WEC career competing at featherweight, the drop to bantamweight would not be a difficult one for him to make.

“I’m a small forty five pounder,” said Faber. “All through college I was 133 pounds so it wasn’t like it’s been a hard cut for forty five. I’m probably a natural thirty five pounder so it won’t be difficult for me, but I’d like to get the muscle back and still make thirty five.”

Making a drop in weight has been the go-to choice for many fighters looking to rejuvinate their careers; such a move hardly promises success but Faber seems like a solid fit for the bantamweight division. Considering that he has long been the face of the company, do not be surprised–if he finds success in his first outing or two at 135–to see him fast-tracked for a title shot. Despite–or perhaps considering–their recent losses, a fight between Faber and former WEC Bantamweight Champion Miguel Torres still holds intrigue, as do bouts with Brian Bowles or some of the division’s current up-and-comers such as Scott Jorgenson and, possibly, Faber’s training partner Joseph Benavidez.