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Anderson Silva Talks Chael Sonnen

An animated Anderson Silva recently gave an interview (link below) during the weekend of UFC 114, where he travelled to support his friend and training partner Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, about his upcoming fight with brash fighter/politician Chael Sonnen. Silva was clowning around during the interview, and continued his recent habit of incorporating more English into his interview responses. He periodically broke from his comedy routine (which included holding the microphone and transferring back and forth between his translator and the interviewer) to offer semi-straightforward answers about his impending UFC 117 title defense.

“Chael is good fighter,” said “The Spider” in broken English. “I’m training with my friends ‘King Mo’ [Lawal], Lyoto Machida–I don’t know, it’s a fight. You ready? I’m ready.”

Silva also responded out of his native tongue when asked his thoughts on Chael’s strategy to “take the fight to him,” something that Sonnen believes no one has yet to attempt (perhaps because he missed the Forrest Griffin fight).

“Cool,” said Silva. “Nice. Nice idea.”

Silva continued to play the fool when he was asked if he would finish Sonnen in August to silence his critics.

“I want a kiss from him at the end,” said Silva.

Silva briefly took the interview seriously and offered his thoughts on his upcoming bout with Sonnen.

“Of course,” said Silva when asked if Sonnen poses to him any problems. “Chael Sonnen has a lot to offer. He’s a hell of a fighter. You know, we’re joking around but it’s a title fight and I expect a great fight from him.”

The storyline heading into this fight is defined by Chael Sonnen’s capitalization on many MMA fans’ growing disappointment with the middleweight champ by calling him out (frequently and indiscriminately) and positioning himself as the man to topple the greatest. As for whether or not he can pull out a victory over the consensus top pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world come fight night, we all just have to tune in on August 7th to find out.