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King Mo Continues To Bash Rampage Jackson

Don’t think for a second that Rashad Evans is the only light heavyweight on the planet that can’t stand Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal has also had a longstanding beef with B.A Baracus and was quick to jump on the “Rampage is an Uncle Tom Bandwagon.”

The newly minted Strikeforce champ told FIGHT! Magazine during yesterday’s UFC 114 media workout that it has become blatantly obvious Rampage sold himself out to White America many years ago.

Instead of refuting Evans’ claims that he “intentionally perpetuates black stereotypes” with his Forrest Gump-like antics, Rampage continues to counter with “3rd Grade” insults by questioning Rashad’s sexuality.

Please go to the link below to watch King Mo’s interview: