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Audio: Rashad Evans And Rampage Spar During Conference Call

Wherever Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Rashad Evans go, tension and a lot of smack talk is sure to follow. A recent media conference call promoting their UFC 114 bout turned into one of the most contentious UFC media conference calls in recent memory.

Within minutes of the call, the two fighters were at each other’s throats, with Rampage accusing Rashad of not “having fought anybody yet,” and mocking Evans’ losing the title in his first defense. Evans got a lot more personal, stating that Rampage puts up a front and acts like he’s stupid because he’s black.

“Well, he does his little Sambo thing, man… He does his little Sambo thing like he act like ‘oh black-on-black crime’, ‘oh I’m stupid you can’t use big words like that,’ [referring to a comment Rampage made earlier in the call] like he don’t know what the f–k is going on,” said Evans, transcribed by Fighter’s Only Magazine.

“Man, come on dude. I talked to this dude. This dude is pretty smart… he knows what’s going on. But he just doing ‘oh it’s comedy’ – well why perpetuate the stereotype that you’re stupid? You ain’t stupid… Why perpetuate the stereotype that you can’t think, [that] you don’t understand big words, you can’t read. All of that stupid stuff man.”

Rampage responded by accusing Evans of having no sense of humor, and then went on to call Evans “gay” for the tight vale tudo shorts he wears when fighting. Evans responded by saying that he would put “[my] balls in your mouth,” opening Rampage up to responding, “Yeah, that would give you a hard-on!”

Evans faces Rampage in the main event of UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans, which takes place this Saturday from the MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, Nevada. As always, will provide live coverage of the event.

You can listen to the conference call below:

Part 1:

Part 2: