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Michael Bisping Talks His Upcoming Fight With Dan Miller

British middleweight fighter Michael Bisping is 1-2 in his last three fights and his most recent outing resulted in a hard-fought loss to Wanderlei Silva. He will look to get back into the win column when he takes on Dan Miller this weekend at UFC 114: Rampage Vs. Evans. In a pre-fight hype video for the UFC, Bisping offers his take on the fight and why he thinks he is destined to win.

“Dan Miller, you know, he’s a pretty good fighter,” said Bisping. “If I had to pick his strength I’d say his strength lies in the wrestling/jiu-jitsu department, whereas my strength is the standup. I think that’s also his weak area so obviously that’s the area of the game I’m gonna look to exploit.”

I’m gonna look to keep the fight on my feet and knock him out. I think I’m log overdue a Knockout of the Night bonus. I’m known as a striker, I think I’ve gotten over 75% of my wins by knockout or TKO but I haven’t had that clean knockout yet in the UFC and, certainly, that’s what I’m looking for in this fight.”

Although it is clear that Bisping wants to keep the fight standing, he also maintains that, despite Miller’s grappling prowess, he is comfortable if the fight goes to the ground.

“If the fight has to take place on the ground, that’s fine by me,” said “The Count.” “I look forward to ground and pounding him out. I’ve fought many black belts before, his submissions aren’t going to worry me. I don’t put all that hard work in to lose and I plan on winning this fight and I plan on making a run for the title.”

Bisping is known for having a penchant for trash talk but he has abandoned that approach for this fight. He gives Miller all due respect but says that there is now way that he will lose.

“Losing to Dan Miller is not an option,” Bisping said. “I’m truly a better Mixed Martial Artist than Dan Miller. I respect his jiu-jitsu, I respect his wrestling, I respect the fact that he’s gotten to where he’s got, you know, but I think I’ve got more.”

As for how he thinks the fight will end, Bisping is confident that he will get the finish.

“No question about it, I’m gonna knock this guy out, I’m gonna submit him; whatever it takes, I’m finishing this fight and I will win it,” he said.

Bisping bookended an impressive win over Denis Kang with devastating losses to veterans Dan Henderson and Wanderlei Silva. At UFC 100, Henderson completely starched Bisping in a clip that will likely be part of MMA highlight reels as long as the sport exists. He bounced back against Kang but then suffered defeat again against Wanderlei Silva, who left Bisping drooling in a heap as the last bell rang. It will be interesting to see if Bisping’s confidence and chin have held up through those defeats and Dan Miller will provide a plenty stiff-enough test of both.