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Paul Daley Feels He Has “Been Punished Enough”

UFC castoff Paul Daley recently spoke with about the fallout from his UFC-career-ending sucker punch and how he feels now that the dust has settled.

Daley took on controversial fighter Josh Koscheck at UFC 113 on May 8 and, after exchanging some heated trash talk and getting dominated by Koscheck’s wrestling for three rounds, Daley lost his cool and threw a grazing blow at Koscheck after the final bell had rung. The sucker punch not only cost Daley many fans’ respect but also his career in the UFC, as UFC President Dana White said post-fight that Daley would “never fight in the UFC again.” Daley told FightHype that, besides being excommunicated from the UFC, he has not received word of any other punishment being handed down to him.

“I have heard nothing from the Commission as of yet, other than they are investigating the incident,” said Daley. “But I feel as though I have been punished enough, effectively by Dana White. He has punished me on behalf of the Commission, although I understand they have a job to do.”

White expressed that his biggest problem with Daley was that he seemed to not show remorse for his actions. Having had time to mull it over, Daley now says that he wishes he could take it back.

“It was a really thoughtless act,” he said. “Some frustration, a little bit of a response to Kosheck’s comments while we were fighting; I really don’t know. All I know is I regret it.”

Although he acknowledges that he deserved to be punished, Daley does not think that he should be the only one taking a hit. In the early going of the fight, Koscheck went down while clutching his face after Daley threw an illegal knee at him. Instant replay seemed to show that Koscheck was not hit but was acting in order to gain an advantage; with Koscheck having been accused of this before, Daley thinks that he should also receive some kind of punishment.

“Yes I do,” Daley said when asked if he thinks Koscheck was looking for a way out. “And I think more should be done to penalize him; it’s twice he’s done this now.”

As to whether or not he thinks the punishment that he received was fair, Daley is not so sure.

“I think there is more to it for whatever reason,” said Daley. “I don’t know, you would have to ask Dana. I can’t help but think it’s a bit personal, as the UFC has fighters on their roster that have done far worse things in the sport.”

If White ever relents and lets Daley back into the UFC fold, Daley knows exactly who it is that he would like to fight first.

“I would love to fight Koscheck again, really, I would. I know it was a dominate [sic] performance by him, but I know I am coming back much stronger and with a much clear picture for victory.”

Despite the heavy implications of being exiled from the UFC, Daley seems to be remaining positive, saying that he loves to fight and will continue to do so. He also says of his future plans, “Onwards and upwards to better myself as a person and a fighter; to keep my fans happy in fighting and entertaining.”

Daley is rumored to be competing this summer against an as-yet-unnamed opponent at the Impact Fighting Championships in Australia or New Zealand.