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Georges St-Pierre Ready For Josh Koscheck

After dismantling Paul Daley at UFC 113, Josh Koscheck earned the right to challenge welterweight king Georges St-Pierre for his crown. While most fans aren’t too thrilled about the rematch, GSP claims to have a few things up his sleeve to prevent another UFC 111 dud.

“He’s a different fighter than when I fought him the first time,” St-Pierre told MMAWeekly. “The first time I had the element of surprise. I was able to take him out of his comfort zone by using my wrestling skills. He didn’t know how my wrestling was.

“This time I don’t have this element of surprise, but I’m going to have to use another element of surprise you guys might find out in the fight.”

St-Pierre took a close unanimous decision over Koscheck in their only meeting at UFC 74 in August of 2007. It was his first fight since being humbled by Matt Serra just four months prior. The loss to Serra was a watershed moment in GSP’s career, as he morphed into the sport’s most dominant wrestler following the devastating upset.

Although the blueprint has allowed him to enjoy seven consecutive victories en route to regaining the title, the “conservative” style has irked some of his fans. There is no denying GSP has the game to unleash spectacular finishes, but for whatever reason hasn’t been able to do so on a consistent basis.

While most would be grateful to stockpile wins at the rate St-Pierre is, when you want your name to be mentioned as MMA’s G.O.A.T., an abundance of highlight reel endings are a must – a sentiment the wrestler acknowledged recently.

“I’m not satisfied about my ratio of knockouts,” GSP told “I have knockouts, but I want to bring my ratio up. I’m more powerful than I was, and by being more powerful I’m faster as well. Power is strength and speed together.”