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BJ Penn Appears On Sports Science

“Sport Science” on ESPN will be airing an analysis of the chokeout on Thursday night’s episode of MMA Live. “Sport Science” host and human crash-test dummy John Brenkus is fitted with advanced sensors to test exactly what happens when he gets choked out by MMA legend BJ Penn.

Penn recently visited the “Sport Science” lab in Burbank , Calif. to film the segment with John Brenkus and the “Sport Science” team. I thought you might be interested in speaking with Brenkus to discuss what it’s like for an average human being to be choked out by BJ Penn. He has some amazing stats about what happens to your body during a chokeout.

Recently, “Sport Science” also dissected a Frank Mir armbar and Brandon Vera’s leg strikes. For more information on “Sport Science,” visit the official website here. Let me know if you’re interested in speaking with John Brenkus about his “Sport Science” MMA analysis and we can coordinate a time for an interview.