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Steroid Cloud Hangs Over Overeem – Rogers Bout

A lot of the talk coming into Saturday’s Strikeforce: “Heavy Artillery” heavyweight title fight between Alistair Overeem and Brett Rogers has unfortunately focused on the story lines outside of the cage instead of what will transpire inside of it.

Specifically, questions are abound about whether or not Overeem, or Ubereem as he’s affectionately known to fight fans, resorted to using performance enhancing drugs while he’s spent the last couple years of his career outside of the United States, where pre and post-fight drug testing is more prevalent.

Even Overeem’s opponent Rogers thinks something is definitely up with “The Demolition Man’s” recent body transformation.

“I’m a big guy myself, but I know I’m not going to blow up that much in that short amount of time,” Rogers told “It’s questionable to me. Hopefully, the athletic director and the commission can resolve that.”

The Missouri Office of Athletics commissioner Tim Lueckenoff said the regulatory body will test for all illegal and unprescribed drugs. Lueckenoff didn’t say whether the tests will be administered before the fight or after, but he did say the tests will involve the usual urine sampling that most drug tests include.

Either way, Alistair isn’t sweating it. He says he’s clean and that the tests will show that.

“People can say what they want. People can say what they think. I’m going to have to pee just like Brett is going to have to pee just like all the other fighters are going to have to pee. Then that pee will be tested.”

Overeem claims that his increase in size is just natural, and it was a matter of time before his body developed the way it did.

“I’ve always been a natural heavyweight. I was always running around at 220 pounds. In the beginning that worked really well. It didn’t cost me any power. But as you grow older, you go a little bit stronger, more heavy and I had problems cutting the weight.”

We’ll soon learn just how tests come out, but for the time being, take Overeem’s prediction for the results with a grain of salt.

“I know the tests are going to be negative. Then all the people that are still talking will shut up.”