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Paul Daley: “Josh Koscheck Is Not A Fighter”

In a recently released hype video for his UFC 113 match against Josh Koscheck, Paul “Semtex” Daley revealed the reasons why he thinks he will come out victorious over Koscheck and one day become the UFC’s Welterweight Champion.

“I’ve got faith in my destiny that I’m gonna be number one,” said the ever-confident Brit. “I will be the champion of the UFC.”

Before he can get his crack at Georges St. Pierre and the 170lbs. belt, Daley has to get past tough wrestler and top contender Josh Koscheck this weekend at UFC 113. Daley’s sentiments toward Koscheck parallel those that his friend and teammate Dan Hardy showed toward St. Pierre before their UFC 111 title fight.

“Josh Koscheck is not a fighter,” said Daley. “Josh Koscheck is a wrestler; wrestler’s don’t like to fight. Wrestler’s like to use their athleticism and they like to win. That’s the mentality of a wrestler. Koscheck’s coming to win, I’m coming in to f*** him up really bad. I’ve seen this fight a thousand times over. Koscheck really is not ready for this fight.”

While Daley certainly possesses the power, speed, and precision to knock Josh Koscheck out standing, he should be careful that he does not underestimate Koscheck’s wrestling as Hardy may have done with St. Pierre. Hardy’s philosophy was that, somewhere in between takedowns, he would land a stout shot on St. Pierre’s chin that would put him down. What actually happened was that St. Pierre completely smothered Hardy and for the entirety of five rounds offered him no opportunity to land that Hail Mary punch. Daley’s philosophy of the Koscheck fight again seems to mirror his teammate Dan Hardy’s.

“I’ll take a thousand Josh Koscheck right hands and I guarantee you when I land one of mine there will only be one of us standing,” said Daley. “Josh Koscheck has never been hit like me. He cannot prepare for someone who can hit you as hard as I can hit you. He can beat me up all night and I can just land one punch. You’ve got to avoid that one punch for fifteen minutes; the odds are against you dude.”

Just because Daley’s pre-fight comments may echo those that his teammate made leading up to a bout that saw him soundly beaten does not mean that he will suffer the same fate. Koscheck has been knocked out before and Daley has shown on several occasions that he has the power and skill to test anyone’s chin. He believes that his key to victory in this fight lies in doing just that: testing Koscheck’s chin.

“I’m going in there to do what’s necessary to win the fight and win the fight in the shortest time possible,” said “Semtex.” “So I’m sticking to what I need to do to win the fight; which is go in guns blazing and smoke people.”

Daley and Koscheck will square off in the co-main event of “UFC 113: Machida Vs. Shogun 2″ this Saturday at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They will be joined on the main card by bouts pitting Patrick Cote against Alan Belcher, Kimbo Slice against Matt Mitrione, Sam Stout against Jeremy Stephens and the main event that will see UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida take on Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in a rematch of their controversial UFC 104 fight.