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Frankie Edgar Talks About Winning The Belt & His Future As Champion

UFC 112: Invincible was a memorable night in MMA for all of the wrong reasons. The card will always be remembered more for Anderson Silva’s clown show and the suspect judging in the BJ Penn-Frankie Edgar lightweight title fight than it will for the stellar performances put on by up-and-comers Phil Davis, Mark Munoz and DaMarques Johnson. Despite the fact that BJ Penn should likely still be the UFC lightweight champion, Edgar deserves his props for fighting a near-perfect fight and for staying competitive with one of the best fighters to ever grace the cage.

The newly minted UFC lightweight champion recently appeared on Spike TV’s Weekend Pre-Game with Craig Carton to discuss his take on the fight, the heavily rumored rematch and life as the champ.

The air was filled with tension as Bruce Buffer read the judges’ scores for the five round tilt and the reactions once they were revealed to be unanimously in Edgar’s favor were mixed. However, there was at least one man in that moment that knew that New Jersey would be replacing Hawaii as home to the championship.

“You know, I was just saying to myself that it’s gotta be me,” said Edgar. “‘I won this fight, I’m getting my hand raised.’ That’s what I believed and that’s what happened.”

The New Jersey native explains that the effects of winning the title are narcotic.

“Yeah, I guess I would say euphoria,” said “The Answer.” “It’s like a drug, man, it’s unbelievable.”

Edgar was not allowed to bask in the glow of victory for long, however, as mere days after the fight rumors began surfacing that the UFC was working to put together a rematch between Edgar and one of their most bankable stars in BJ Penn. Edgar commented on the likelihood of that bout coming to fruition and who he feels should be the first in line for a title shot.

“It’s in the works, nothing’s signed yet so, you know, I don’t like to say anything until it’s signed,” Edgar said. “But, you know, it’s definitely a possibility.”

While Edgar is willing to take on all challengers to his throne, BJ Penn included, there is one man on his radar that he is itching to tangle with more than the others.

“You know, I have one loss,” he said. “My loss is against Gray Maynard so I’d like a chance to avenge that but the champion’s gotta fight whoever so if it’s BJ, it’s BJ.”

Ever the picture of hard work and humility, Edgar is keeping things in perspective and is taking life as the champion in stride; a sign that he will likely not be so easily dethroned.

“It ain’t so much about the belt as it is about the victory and the whole journey to get there,” said Edgar.

Whether you feel that Edgar truly won against BJ Penn or not, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he should not be counted out of any fight. Edgar was competitive from bell to bell and kept the fight close enough with “The Prodigy” that it was a nightmare for anyone to score; that is a claim that no other previous challenger to Penn’s lightweight crown can make. Should a rematch with Penn materialize, Edgar will likely be the underdog once again. But he will carry into that bout more than just the belt. This time, he will walk into the cage steeled by the knowledge that he has what it takes to shock the world and beat a legend.