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Jose Aldo Dominant Over Urijah Faber At “WEC 48: Aldo Vs. Faber”

WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo proved to the world that he is the most dominant fighter in his division, as he punished top contender Urijah Faber for five rounds to earn a lopsided unanimous decision victory.

Aldo spent the bulk of the bout destroying Faber's legs with devastating leg kick after devastating leg kick. The strategy worked for Aldo for the first four rounds, to the point that Faber had to be helped back to his corner after the third round. In the final round Aldo seemed to hit the brakes and play it safe instead of finishing off the challenger. While the crowd booed towards the end of the fight, Aldo noted that he was looking to finish the fight but never got the opportunity

“Every time I step in the Octagon, I always try to finish,” Aldo said after the fight, through manager Ed Soares. “Unfortunately I wasn't able to tonight, but that's always my goal.”

Faber, who is going to have a hell of a day tomorrow with the damage that he took, had no answer for Aldo throughout the fight. He told Joe Rogan after the bout that Aldo effectively took away his legs, limiting what he could do.

“I trained a lot of defensive leg kicks, but he's really effective with them,” Faber said. “He took my legs away from me. I was losing mobility.

“He was very good and very fast,” Faber continued. “It was a tough fight, but I tried my best.”

With the victory, Aldo moves to 17-1, with his only loss coming via submission to Luciano Azevedo in his eighth professional fight.