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Co-Author Of Why I Fight Claims UFC Got Him Fired

Why I Fight, the autobiography of BJ PEnn, was co-authored by 36-year-old David Weintraub. The freelancer works for the New Jersey-based production group Exit 9 Films and was responsible for shooting behind-the-scenes material used in bonus features for UFC DVDs and webisodes on

According to Weintraub, UFC executive vice president of operations and production Craig Borsari told Exit 9 Films that he was “no longer welcome to work for the UFC.”

“I’m very happy I wrote the book but I’m also very disappointed the UFC decided to force my employer to cut me loose,” Weintraub told “Dana is trying to make it seem like I wrote a book about BJ.

“One-hundred-percent false. All the words in that book are the words and thoughts of BJ Penn. I’m a co-author, my job is to help him put his thoughts to words. He’s read the manuscript. The manuscript became the book.”

In an excerpt from Penn’s book, he discusses a nasty phone conversation White had with him where he threatened to never allow the lightweight champ back into the UFC.