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Still A Busy Spin Control Week For The UFC

UFC president Dana White had egg on his face all last week after his middleweight superstar, Anderson Silva, made a mockery out of the organization’s most monumental show. Although it was rival Strikeforce’s turn this past Saturday to make a fiasco out of a major mixed martial arts event, White still finds himself playing spin control.

“For them to be on be on CBS and go out and represent the sport that we’ve been building over the last 10 years, it’s hard. It’s hard to see that happen,” White said yesterday on The Jim Rome Show. “We’re out there fighting these battles everyday. These goofballs go out and do something like they did on Saturday night, yeah it sets the sport back and now we have to go out and fix it.”

White believes that Saturday night’s melee could have been completely avoided if Showtime, the producing partners for all Strikeforce events, had any clue on how to properly promote a major mixed martial arts show.

“The guys at Showtime Boxing have never done anything right. These guys suck at boxing, let along MMA,” White said of his longtime network nemesis. “And they talk CBS into putting [Strikeforce] on and trying to compete, instead of putting what they should have had on CBS, which is the UFC.”