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Anderson Silva And Demian Maia Appear Together On Brazilian Talk Show

This weekend’s post-fight brawl at the “Strikeforce: Nashville” event finally edged Anderson Silva’s disrespectful performance at UFC 112 out of the media’s spotlight. That did not stop from getting their hands on a video of an April 18th Brazilian talk show appearance made by Anderson Silva and his UFC 112 opponent Demian Maia. In the following translated quotes from the Domingão do Faustã appearance, Silva plays it characteristically safe and Maia reacts coolly when questioned of the bout.

Apparently only willing to cause a stir in the Octagon, Silva actually gave props to Maia in the interview and conceded that his fellow Brazilian’s mat game was superior to his own.

“I think I fought well, executed my game plan and disrupted Demian’s game,” said Silva. “I couldn’t fall to his game because he’s a Brazilian jiu jitsu specialist. Even though I train BJJ as well, I don’t even come close to his BJJ level.”

Despite demonstrating quite the opposite at UFC 112, Silva maintained that he holds no grudges against his opponents and has no problem with Maia in particular.

“I have nothing against any of my opponents,” Silva said. “I have nothing against Demian. I respect his work a lot.”

Maia seemed to be a bit less willing to let bygones be bygones and would not give away his personal feelings towards Silva.

“I don’t have much to say, it was what happened,” Maia said. “The fans saw what happened.”

All that there is to be said of the bout has been said by now. What is left is to look forward to and ask questions about Silva’s next bout with Chael Sonnen. Questions like, will Silva have an answer for Sonnen’s grinding wrestling offense? Or, can Sonnen get inside Silva’s striking range without having his face Picasso’d? With their bout rumored to take place at UFC 117 this summer we won’t have to wait too long for the answers.