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Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker Discusses The Status Of Fedor, Gina Carano And Jake Shields

With Strikeforce: Nashville on tap tonight on CBS, the promotion’s CEO Scott Coker has been the recipient of numerous questions regarding the current state as well as the future of his company.

MMA Fighting recently caught up with Coker to discuss where things stand with Fedor Emelianenko, the status of Gina Carano, and if he thinks Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields will resign with the promotion.

“With Fedor, we’re dealing with M-1. Trying to get some issues resolved,” said Coker. “We were hoping he would be fighting at this event, but it didn’t work out. Maybe we can get him back in the near future. There is still good dialogue of course. But sometimes I think it is a language barrier, sometimes I think it is a cultural barrier. We have some hoops to jump through, and were trying to get through them.”

Gina Carano has been absent from the fight game for a while hanging out in Hollywood, but Coker believes she’ll be back with the company eventually.

“She’s doing her movie thing. I believe there’s that fire inside of her and I don’t think she wants to end her career with the Cristiane Cyborg fight,” he stated. “I think she’s a fighter but I wish her success in her movie career as well. It’s been a couple months [since we talked]. But we’ll reconnect; we’ve been friends for a long time. Go become a big star, then come back and fight.”

The big question on everyone’s mind in anticipation of tonight’s event is whether or not Jake Shields will be back with Strikeforce regardless of how his fight with Dan Henderson turns out. And Coker doesn’t seem to optimistic that he will.

“Let’s see what happens Saturday night. Jake’s future is in his hands, no matter where he ends up. I’ll be honest with you; there will be fighters that go back and forth. Fighters go back and forth and that’s just the future.”