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Ed Soares Offers Explanation For Anderson Silva’s Antics

According to an article from ESPN UK, Anderson “The Spider” Silva’s manager and translator, Ed Soares, recently spoke to website about the aftermath of Silva’s manic performance Saturday at “UFC 112: Invincible”.

Silva, apparently feeling slighted by some of Demian Maia’s pre-fight talk, looked to embarrass his fellow Brazilian come fight night. While he succeeded in the first two rounds by combining flashy techniques with his own trash talk, the latter half of the fight saw Silva content to disengage and circle away from Maia. This drew the ire of the crowd as well as UFC president Dana White who said he was embarrassed and outraged at Silva’s performance. In a post fight interview with MMA Fighting, White said that Silva and his manager were waiting for him in his office and that he was going to try to figure out what brought about Silva’s bizzare antics. Ed Soares gives some insight as to what went down.

“Anderson and I spoke with Dana last night,” he said. “He gave his point of view and everything is fine. We’re sorry, we explained our side of things. Dana made his points, and we have full respect for Dana, Lorenzo [Fertitta] and everybody at Zuffa. It’s unfortunate that sometimes those things happen but we spoke with them and we’re going to put the gameplan together for the next fight.”

If we are to believe Ed Soares, it seems that Silva will not incur any official punishment for his peculiar showing in Abu Dhabi and we will see Silva back in the Octagon soon. His next opponent should be aware, however, that Silva is apparently very sensitive to pre-fight trash talk.

Demian Maia said in pre-fight interviews that since “The Spider” has eight limbs he might be able to get ahold of one and “take it home”. Pretty mild trash talk considering every other comment Maia made centered around the fact that Silva is the best and most complete fighter in the world. In the post-fight press conference, Silva made these comments about the perceived disrespect shown by Maia.

“I came here well trained, but Demian disrespected me, not as a person, but he disrespected me as a fighter,” said Silva. “I take that very seriously. I came here to do my job and that was to beat him up and punish him and that’s exactly what I did. Unfortunately everyone wasn’t pleased, but that’s what I came here to do.”

Ed Soares unsurprisingly echoes that statement.

“Demian Maia talked a lot of crap before the fight and said a lot of things personally about Anderson,” said Soares. “I think that the emotions got to him and basically it was one of those situations where he wanted to make him pay and suffer for all the stuff that he was saying.”

Along with the emotional distress, Soares attributed Silva’s inability to finish Maia to technical mistakes.

“Anderson did say that after the third round he couldn’t find the distance,” said Soares. “He said ‘Ed, I swear I was trying to finish the fight’. He said he couldn’t find his distance, he couldn’t put his combinations together, and you can see that when you watch the fight back. It wasn’t clicking.”

Unless Maia was waging an unseen smear campaign in Brazil, the few comments he made were hardly enough to justify Silva’s reaction. It’s hard to even classify what Maia said as trash talk and other opponents of Silva’s have made similar, if not worse, comments in the past without being met with the venom Silva spat at Maia for two rounds.

It’s also hard to buy the excuse that Silva couldn’t find his distance. “The Spider” is easily the best striker in MMA, was battering Maia accurately for two rounds and has never had a problem finding the mark when he wants to.

Unfortunately for Soares, he is once again left shielding his fighter’s reputation with paper-thin excuses.