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Dana White “Embarrassed” By Anderson Silva’s Performance, Left Fight In Fourth Round

To no one’s surprise, UFC President Dana White was extremely upset with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva after his lackluster title defense at UFC 112 earlier today. White told Ariel Helwani of that he was “embarrassed” by Silva’s performance.

“This was a big event for us tonight, it was a really big moment. The whole last three weeks of my life have been leading to this event,” said White. “The people in this country, including the media, have really gotten behind this thing with support like I have never seen anywhere. I’m really embarrassed.”

Silva dominated Demian Maia for the first two rounds, before spending the next three rounds backpedaling and posturing. Silva’s antics even frustrated referee Dan Miragliotta, who warned him in the fifth round that he would deduct a point if he continued to keep up his charade.

“He [Silva] feels that he doesn’t owe the fans an apology,” White noted. “Yet, I’m apologizing. I didn’t go in an fight like a jackass for five rounds. I didn’t do what he did tonight, but I’m embarrassed.”

White was so frustrated during the fight that he left the ringside area during the fourth round and handed the championship belt to Silva’s manager, Ed Soares.

“I left in the fourth round and I gave the belt to Ed and I said, ‘You put it on him. I’m not doing it.'”

With three lackluster title defenses in a row, White admitted to not knowing what to do with Silva next stating, “The only thing that interests me right now is going in and having the conversation that I’m going to have with him right now. As far as him fighting again, I can’t even think about it right now.”

White noted that he was going to speak to Silva and then decide what to do next. He did promise that he would make it up to the fans.

“I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’m going to pay the fans back,” he stated. “I will make it up to the fans.”

You can watch the full interview below.