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“M-1 Selection Eastern Europe” Weigh In Results

All 24 fighters slated to fight in tomorrow’s “M-1 Selection: Eastern Europe” event tipped the scales today at the Crocus Expo Universal Sports Arena in Moscow.

The same venue will host Saturday’s 12-bout fight card at 11:30 a.m. ET/8:30 a.m. PT.

Here are the weigh-in results courtesy of


* Ramazan Abdulzhalilov (73.9 kg/163 lbs.) vs. Said Halilov (73.5 kg/162 lbs.)+
* Radik Iboyan (75.3 kg/166 lbs.) vs. Shamil Zavurov (75.3 kg/166 lbs.)+
* Vladimir Opanesenko (74.4 kg/164 lbs.) vs. Arsen Temirhanov (74.4 kg/164 lbs.)+
* Magomedrasul Hasbulaev (75.7 kg/167 lbs.) vs. Rashid Magomedov (74.8 kg/165 lbs.)+


* Arsen Abdulkerimov (101.2 kg/223 lbs.) vs. Denis Komkin (117.9 kg/260 lbs.)#
* Maxim Grishin (96.6 kg/213 lbs.) vs. Gadzhimurad Nurmagomedov (103 kg/227 lbs.)#
* Vitaly Jalovenko (101.6 kg/224 lbs.) vs. Alexander Volkov (96.6 kg/213 lbs.)#
* Alexander Romashchenko (105.2 kg/232 lbs.) vs. Ruslan Stepanyan (101.2 kg/223 lbs.)#


* Sergey Guzev (91.2 kg/201 lbs.) vs. Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (87.1 kg/192 lbs.)
* Bislan Etleshev (74.8 kg/165 lbs.) vs. Anzor Kardanov (75.7 kg/167 lbs.)
* Murad Magomedov (90.7 kg/200 lbs.) vs. Ali Omarov (88 kg/194 lbs.)
* Ibragim Ibragimov (107.5 kg/237 lbs.) vs. Valery Scherbakov (101.2 kg/223 lbs.)

+ – Eastern Europe welterweight tourney opening round
# – Eastern Europe heavyweight tourney opening round