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Demain Maia Ready To Show Improved Standup

Demain Maia is known for is superior Brazilian jiu jitsu game,however he was able to showcase his refined striking against Dan Miller at UFC 109.

Maia gained a ton of confidence during his 15-minute stand up scrap with Miller. Although he completely understands Miller’s hands are nowhere near as deadly as Anderson Silva’s, his performance at UFC 109 went a long way mentally in prepping for MMA’s most efficient striker.

“It was really important, because I could test myself standing and see that it wasn’t just in training that I could fight like that,” said Maia. “I managed to fight safely, controlling the distance safely. It was also really important to fight three rounds, which I hadn’t yet done in the UFC.

“It was worthwhile for the experience and I’m really happy because I felt safe standing, which I had never felt before. It was important in my evolution and was something I needed to do before challenging for the title. But I know I have much to improve on and many details to correct, for sure.”

Confidence is one thing, but trying to defend the vicious barrage of bombs “The Spider” is capable of unleashing is a completely different story.

If that’s the case, Maia may not be around to hear the ending.

UFC 112 takes place April 10th inside the Concert Arena in Abu Dhabi. Don’t forget that it will be an early start with the live pay-per-view broadcast beginning at 1PM ET/10AM PT.