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Randy Couture: “I’d Be More Than Willing To Welcome James Toney To Our Sport”

When former boxing great James “Lights Out” Toney first signed with the UFC a couple months back, the second thing on everyone’s mind behind what the heck was Dana White thinking, was who would be the first mixed martial artist to welcome him to the Octagon.

And from the get-go, former UFC champion Randy “The Natural” Couture made it clear that he was interested in being that guy.

Now he’s back at it. In a recent interview with Fight Magazine, Couture once again threw his name into the hat stating, “They [UFC] just signed James Toney, so we’re trying to stir the pot and hopefully be the one to welcome him to mixed martial arts.”

While many people may not be fans of Toney for his rather demonstrative personality, and would love to see the outspoken character be shown what MMA is all about the hard way, Randy says that it’s nothing personal with Tony. He’s just out to answer the age-old debate of who’s the superior fighter, boxers or mixed martial artists.

“There have been several boxers that have run their mouth about how bad our striking is and how they would knock us out,” said Couture. “So there is kind of a rivalry. We’re always compared to boxing and now that one of their formal world champions has entered the sport, it could answer a lot of questions. It could be a huge fight. I’d be more than willing to welcome him to our sport.”