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Shane Carwin Says He’s Healthy For Bout With Lesnar, Cain Velasquez May Face Winner

When UFC President Dana White announced that the winner of last night’s UFC 111 interim heavyweight championship bout between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin would determine who would face UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar next, he noted that if either Mir or Carwin were injured in the fight, Lesnar would then face Cain Velasquez. Carwin noted during the UFC 111 post-fight press conference that he was healthy and ready to face Lesnar.

“Hell yeah, I’m feelin’… not just good, I’m feeling great,” said Carwin.

Velasquez shouldn’t be too disappointed, as White told that Velasquez will receive a title shot in the near future, likely against the winner of the Lesnar-Carwin fight.

“Cain’s waiting in the wings now,” White said. “Cain’s probably going to wait for the next shot. [Junior] Dos Santos will not. Dos Santos will fight again.”