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Dan Hardy Shows That He Has No Quit In Him

Despite coming out on the wrong end of a lopsided unanimous decision, Dan Hardy found himself with a lot more fans as he left the Octagon at UFC 111 tonight then he did coming in. The Brit put in a gutsy performance against UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre and survived two submission attempts that would have finished any other fighter.

Hardy was neutralized by the champion early in the first round, and then found himself in an arm-bar towards the end of the round. St-Pierre put the pressure on, and the fight looked to be over until Hardy surprised the crowd by rolling over and popping out of the hold.

“I thought he was made of rubber,” St-Pierre joked after the fight.

The punishment didn’t stop there as St-Pierre was able to secure a kimura in the fourth round. GSP really cranked on the kimura, and to the astonishment of the crowd, Hardy withstood the pain and was able to escape and fight another round.

“The one thing that I do have above everything else… I might lack in technicality, I might lack in strength, but there’s no quit in me,” Hardy stated after the bout. “I don’t give up.”

While Hardy did look like he was considering tapping to the kimura, when asked by Joe Rogan if he was close to tapping, Hardy replied, “I don’t know the meaning of ‘tap.'”

Despite the trash talking from Hardy leading up to the fight, he was all praise for the champion after the bout.

“All I can say is that it was an honor to fight him. I can see now why he’s the champion,” said Hardy.

“He’s just a very strong athlete and very, very technically skilled. I wasn’t quite there tonight but it won’t be my last time in here, I’ll be back.”