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Brandon Vera To Receive Facial Surgery, No Contact For Up To Six Months

This past Sunday night at “UFC On Versus 1″, Jon “Bones” Jones proved that the hype surrounding him is real by dispatching veteran Brandon Vera in the first round of their fight with a vicious elbow. Sherdog is reporting that Jon Jones’ elbow did more than just end the fight though, it altered the structure of Vera’s face.

Vera’s manager, Matt Stansell, said, “”It broke his cheekbone in three places and it’s sort of floating right now. (The bone) is kind of laying on the muscle of the right eye, which is preventing Brandon from looking to his right, and it’s pushing his eyeball forward.”

On Thursday, Vera will receive surgery to correct the dislocated cheek bone. The surgery will entail the placement of two plates into Vera’s cheek bone in order to secure its placement.

The severe nature of the injury will keep Vera out of action for up to eight weeks. When he does return, he will only be allowed to work on grappling and conditioning with medical clearance to return to full contact sparring possibly taking up to six months.

Even still, Stansell maintains that his fighter is not discouraged.

“Brandon told the doctor to do whatever he needed to get him back in the cage as fast as he could,” said Stansell. “I’ve never seen him so motivated to get back to training and fighting before.”

Despite owning one of the most technically proficient games in MMA, Vera has struggled in the Octagon as of late. He is currently 7-5 in the UFC and has gone 3-2 in his last five fights (although his split-decision loss to Randy Couture could’ve gone either way). This certainly doesn’t spell the end of “The Truth”‘s career, but a loss like the one he just endured can be very difficult for a fighter to bounce back from.