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Frank Mir Says Desire Will Be The Difference Maker Against Shane Carwin At UFC 111

With only a couple days until the highly anticipated UFC 111 co-main event between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin, all the hype and talk about the interim heavyweight title fight has already reached a crescendo.

But if there is one man capable of adding a little more ‘oomph’ to the buzz, it’s Frank Mir. In a pre-fight interview via the UFC, Mir further explained why this fight has all the makings of a classic.

“There are risks everywhere for both of us in this fight. That’s what makes it so exciting. I can’t say that I have a clear cut advantage here, or he has a clear cut advantage there.”

And Mir knows that both fighters have multiple ways of ending the bout abruptly.

“Could I get knocked out if I get caught, absolutely. Can I knock him out, absolutely. Can he take me down and pound on me against the cage, could happen. If he shoots on me can I choke him unconscious, absolutely. It’s gonna come down to who executes their game plan better.”

So what’s going to be the deciding factor as to who will come out victorious? The former champ points to desire as the separator.

“Everything in my heart and my will says that I have to have this. He may hate Brock, but he doesn’t hate him as much as I do. And that’s the difference. I will come out on top at UFC 111.”