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Updates On MMA Legislation In New York And Toronto

If you are a Mixed Martial Arts fan interested in lending support to the fight for MMA legalization in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, you now have a forum to make your voice heard. Posted on the official websites of the UFC and WEC is a link to where you can vote in this poll: “The sport of mixed martial arts is not legal in Ontario, but there is a push to make it so. Do you think it should be legalized?” Act quickly and vote yes to aid in the global domination of the world’s best sport, MMA. The poll currently sits with 85% in favor of passing legislation to legalize MMA and 15% against that legislation.

The battle for the legalization of MMA is still being waged in one of North America’s largest markets, New York. The biggest opponent of that legislation is Assemblyman Bob Reilly who subscribes to the outdated notion that Mixed Martial Arts competition is akin to cockfighting. He may be caving however, since some clever politician attached legislation that would allow sanctioning of MMA in the state to the state’s new budget proposal. Reilly told the New York Times: “It is violence for violence’s sake. And violence begets violence…. [But if the sanctioning of mixed martial arts is not removed from the budget process] Then I will probably not vote against it. As
this will only be a small part of the budget.”

Keep in mind that Reilly is doing everything he can, including threatening to resign, to get Mixed Martial Arts sanctioning removed from the budget; so this is far from being a done deal.

The UFC has been steadily encroaching on both the Toronto and New York markets. The promotion has held several events throughout Canada and UFC president Dana White is currently going on a tour of Toronto to promote the UFC and educate about MMA. For this weekend’s UFC 111 pay-per-view show in Newark, New Jersey, the majority of the show’s press is taking place in New York, with the pre-fight press conference being held on Wednesday, March 24th at the Radio City Music Hall.

Hopefully, between the aggressive marketing techniques of the UFC and the outpouring of support from MMA fans, the politicians in both regions will realize that it will only benefit their constituents and their domain to allow the sanctioning of Mixed Martial Arts Competition.