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Shane Carwin is readying himself for the biggest fight of his career, as he gets set to face Frank Mir this Saturday for the UFC Interim Heavyweight Championship at UFC 111: St-Pierre vs. Hardy. The undefeated heavyweight, who has finished all of his fights in the first half of the first round, recently spoke to Raj Giri of about his upcoming fight with Mir as well as how he’d fare with Fedor Emelianenko, his thoughts on Brock Lesnar and more. It’s been nearly a year since you last fought. How does it feel to be getting back into the Octagon?

Shane Carwin: It feels great, I love competing so this is really what it is all about. I have been working hard for this fight, I can’t wait to get in the Octagon. You had been training for Brock Lesnar for awhile before finally getting the fight with Frank Mir. What have you changed in your camp in preparing for Mir?

Carwin: I actually was training for Cain [Velasquez] then Lesnar and now Mir. They are all somewhat different style-wise, so each change presented an adjustment we needed to make. I am confident in what my coaches have planned for this fight. You recently called Mir, “a legend of the sport” and said that you’d be “honored to fight him.” What are your thoughts on Mir, the fighter? What do you feel are his strengths and weaknesses?

Carwin: Well, he is a dangerous ground fighter who has begun to evolve as a striker. He has experience, heart and a complete game. I have to fight my fight, push my game plan and the night will work out well for me. What do you feel are the major similarities and differences between you two?

Carwin: I think we are both intelligent and hungry fighters. That will create an interesting dynamic. Mir had recently made some controversial comments towards Brock Lesnar, and your response was misquoted. Have you had a chance to listen to Mir’s comments since then? What are your thoughts on his

Carwin: No I have not, I have been too busy getting ready. I can’t imagine any fighter wanting to kill our opponents. We do want to beat them and sometimes we just get emotional and our words reflect that. If you are victorious next Saturday, then you will in all likelihood finally get the chance to face Brock Lesnar. Would you go about training for that fight any differently than you were last fall?

Carwin: We would just get back into the groove again. He presents problems with his speed, take-downs and power. He is a mirror image of me size-wise and essentially, who ever lands the first power shot likely wins that fight. Brock has the real UFC belt, the one that matters, and that will be the focus after we get past Mir. Have you spoken with Brock since his illness?

Carwin: No, I really do not know much about him and we do not have a way of contacting one another. I friend requested him on Facebook but he is still listed as “Pending”. You noted in your last interview with us that you felt that Fedor Emelianenko would beat Brock if they ever fought. How do you feel you would fare with Fedor?

Carwin: Right now [I’d have] a puncher’s chance. Fedor is on top of the food chain for sure. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us and best of luck next Saturday. Do you have any final comments or plugs for the readers of

Carwin: I want to thank my sponsors, my fans and especially those that support me when I am not fighting. Support,,, Warrior Wear, Malibu Boats, Nightrider Jewlrey, DPMS, Max Muscle and my management company.